To book a model, please contact us by e-mail or at:


Booking Conditions

All model rates including swimsuit/lingerie/underwear will be negotiated on an individual basis. All usage must be negotiated as rates
apply to shooting time only

Travel Time
Half Rate

Hair/Make-up/Prep time
Full rate

Time and One Half
One full day at work will consist of eight consecutive hours between any time frame (this includes break times). Any additional hours after will be considered overtime and will be charged at time and one half.

Cancellations of definite bookings within five working days of the beginning of the booking will be charged at half fee; within three working days, full fee.

Tentative Bookings
Tentative bookings may be cancelled at anytime by either the model or client at no charge. If the client does not release or confirm tentative bookings, OCM reserves the right to cancel.

Weather Permits
All same day cancellations will be at half fee.

Electronic Media
To be negotiated on an individual basis in advance.

Video & Film
All bookings involving motion picture film or video recording must be negotiated in advance.

Lingerie and/or Underwear
To be done on a closed set and client must specify, in advance,
the type of lingerie.

Changing Facilities
Client must provide private changing facilities on all bookings, in studio or on location.